Outgoing Services

Since 1980, Euromar Viagens e Turismo has been proud of its prominent position in the Regional and National market.

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Outgoing Service

We aim to exceed expectations and we accept this challenge with determination and responsibility.

Above all, we want to form partnerships in a Win-Win logic, to find new solutions in a climate of transparency.

It is in this perspective that Euromar presents its added value, because we believe that we have more in common than business.

Outgoing Services

Euromar Madeira

Outgoing Services

We create unique services with our customers in mind
1st Mission
Be the best Travel advisor by betting:

  • In people;
  • In Technology;
  • In Innovation;
  • Competitive and transparent pricing.
2nd Mission
Be your favorite travel label.
3rd Mission
  • Competence – Quality of people and services;
  • Movement – Ability to innovate and evolve;
  • Stability – Consistency and Solidity;
  • Versatility – Specialists in any situation;
  • Uniqueness – Surprise customers, employees and partners.
Outgoing Services
4th Mission Always Present
At Euromar we guarantee personalized service by a travel agent 24/24 hours. We take your job seriously!
5th Versatility
Specialists in any situation:

  • Professional travel;
  • Negotiation with suppliers, suggestions for alternatives and personalized service;
  • Leisure;
  • Holidays, weekends, tailor-made programs, itineraries, accommodation and last-minute promotions!
  • Meetings, Congresses and Events.
Lodging Accommodation, Euromar madeira
6th Proactivity
We are proactive in dealing with airline companies and other suppliers.

Because we know that this is where our customers can obtain real savings in travel expenses, we require from our suppliers conditions that are consistent with our customers’ travel typology.

Euromar Madeira

Destination Management Company

We create perfect travels, tours, outdoor activities with creative concepts.