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Euromar is a full service travel agency from the heart of Madeira Island. The Company was established in 1980 in Funchal, the island’s capital.

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Our mission at Euromar is to give you the best experiences, trips, open-air activities and memories that you can look back on later with a smile.

We offer competitive prices for tailor-made solutions and a team that stands out for its experience and professionalism.

Euromar Madeira

History of Madeira

Discovered in 1419 by Portuguese explorers Tristão Vaz Teixeira, Bartolomeu Perestrelo and João Gonçalves Zarco, Madeira received its name, meaning “wood” in Portuguese, because of the large quantities of this raw material on the island.

In 1425, it began to be colonized after its strategic value was realized. Its rich soil and geographical location quickly made it a port of call for trade routes in Europe.

The Archipelago

Madeira Today

Today, the archipelago of Madeira is a favorite destination for Portuguese people and foreign tourists alike. As well as having a mild climate throughout the year, it is a safe and peaceful area with varied cuisine and plenty of places to visit.

Madeira is home to exotic fauna and flora, and you can find species from all over the world. Its indigenous forest was classified by UNESCO as a natural World Heritage Site in 1999.

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Euromar Madeira

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